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IKEA Home Planner
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Create your dream kitchen, bathroom or office with the IKEA Home Planner. Save your plan to your account and so that you can edit it later or access it from another computer. When your plan is complete, print it together with the product list and visit your local IKEA store to complete your purchase. Remember to bring your username and password in case you need to update your design in-store.

> Get started with the IKEA Home Planner Guide

Launch the IKEA Home Planner
Mac users
The IKEA Home Planner is only compatible with the following browsers:
- Safari 5.0.3+ (6533.19.4)
- Firefox 5 and higher, not Firefox 9
- Chrome and Opera browsers, beta version

To install the IHP on a Mac, follow these steps:
1. Download (save) the disk image file 2020PluginInstaller.dmg
2. Mount the disk image (open/run the downloaded file) if not mounted automatically
3. Find the 2020PluginInstaller window (might be behind the window on top)
4. Drag the lego piece to the folder (if you do not have admin privileges you will be prompted to authenticate)
5. Restart the browser (it is not enough to close the browser window, you need to restart the browser application)
6. Access the same link and you will now see the Start button and be able to start planning your room!
Just getting started?
For more information about purchasing a new IKEA kitchen, visit our Kitchens page for details about kitchen styles, interiors, appliances, custom benchtops and the planning process.
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Need help?
There are many ways you can contact us for any assistance during your kitchen planning.
Mobile and tablet device users
Unfortunately the IKEA Home Planner is not compatible with mobile and tablet devices. Please use a computer to install the IKEA Home Planner.
Detailed System Requirements
• 1 gigahertz (GHz) equivalent or faster
• 32MB Graphics card
• 1024 x 768 Display resolution
• Broadband Internet connection

• Operating Systems:
o Windows XP SP2 or higher
o Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher (Intel Processors only)

• Windows Browsers:
o Internet Explorer 8.0+
o Firefox 5 and higher, not Firefox 9
o Google Chrome 13.0+

• Mac Browsers:
o Safari 5.0.3+ (6533.19.4)
o Firefox 5 and higher, not Firefox 9
o Internet Explorer 8.0+
o Chrome and Opera browsers, beta version

Make sure you are not running IE in compatibility mode. Also uninstall all previous installations of the player in your browser. Then install the player.

Supported Systems and Browsers:
Windows XP / IE 8
Windows XP / FF 5.0
Windows XP / FF 6.0
Windows XP / FF 7.0
Windows XP / Chrome 14

Windows Vista / IE 8
Windows Vista / IE 9
Windows Vista / FF 5.0
Windows Vista / FF 6.0
Windows Vista / FF 7.0
Windows Vista / Chrome 14

Windows 7 / IE 8
Windows 7 / IE 9
Windows 7 / FF 5.0
Windows 7 / FF 6.0
Windows 7 / FF 7.0
Windows 7 / Chrome 14

Mac OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) / Safari / FF 5.0+ / Chrome 14+
Mac OS 10.7.1 (Lion) / Safari/ FF 5.0+ / Chrome 14+