Safety and Quality at IKEA
Children’s Toys

Children’s safety is always our highest priority at IKEA. Our products are designed and tested to comply with all applicable safety requirements in the countries where they are sold.
Tests are made before we start production and thereafter on a regular basis. Our products are tested at our own accredited test laboratory in Sweden. We also test the products at independent accredited test laboratories and institutes around the world. But testing is just one aspect of our quality work.
One of the cornerstones in our quality work is risk assessment. Each product undergoes risk assessments during product development and in the production stage. The purpose of risk assessment is to detect and eliminate potential hazards and to ensure the product is safe to use.

Safety requirements

IKEA toys fulfil the following toy safety requirements around the world:
  • European Toy safety standard EN-71 (market with CE-label)
  • U.S.A Code of Federal Regulation 16, ASTM F963 and
  • Pennsylvania regulation for stuffed toys
  • Canada Hazardous Products (Toys) Regulation
  • Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS ISO 8124
  • China GB 6675
  • German requirements for saliva and sweat resistance

How are IKEA toys tested?

Toys from IKEA are primarily intended to be used for playing by children up to an age of 7 years. The following are only some of the requirements that IKEA follow when we test our toys:
  • Toys intended for children under three years of age shall not have parts small enough to choke on
  • Because a child may place a toy in his or her mouth, the toy shall not contain harmful levels of toxic substances
  • If exposed to fire, the toy shouldn’t flare up rapidly
  • The toy shall not have sharp edges or points that could cut or puncture a child’s skin
  • If there are large moveable parts to a toy, they must be designed to prevent fingers from being jammed or a child from getting stuck
  • If a child can enter a toy, for example a tent, it should be properly ventilated so the child can breathe comfortably

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