Think what 170 million
of us could do

IKEA stores attract about 170 million customers worldwide, or about 83 million households. So we got to thinking: Even a small percentage of our customers could have an impact on the environment if they tried to live a more sustainable life at home. What if all 170 million of us made small changes in the way we live? Together, we really could make a difference to the planet.

Good kitchen habits

The heart of the home is also home to good ideas about saving energy and water, and preventing waste. Here’s a start.
Living room

Ideas for the living room

Where we read, watch TV and socialise, we also use a lot of energy. But maybe we could use less.

Save energy while you sleep

Simple ways to save energy in the bedroom make a difference to the environment, but won’t affect your comfort or your sleep.
The Never Ending list

Everything we do makes a difference

A home furnishing product goes through many stages from the time a product is designed to the day it’s no longer wanted by a customer. We call this the life cycle of a product. At IKEA we are making improvements at every stage, and adding them to a list – a never-ending list.
IKEA Foundation
IKEA Foundation
Making a difference in the lives of 100 million children.
IKEA Foundation
10 years with no job description
Working in China was the chance of a lifetime for Arnaud.
Your career at IKEA
Mattress too big for your bike rack?
Yellow truck
Ask about home delivery.
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Value driven
IKEA has strong values. Do you share them?

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Sustainability report
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