A Healthy Start in Life

We believe that a healthy start in life is fundamental for children’s development and opportunities in life.

Nutritious food saves children’s lives

Proven, low-cost actions have a big impact on child survival. Encouraging mothers to exclusively breast-feed their babies for the first six months of life greatly reduces infant mortality.

Safe water and better hygiene

Both children and adults learn about the importance of basic hygiene and sanitation. Simple but effective measures, like washing hands with soap, are combined with increased access to toilets at home and in schools. Children who learn about hygiene in school introduce new habits into their families, and entire communities start to change

Immunisation against common diseases

Illnesses can be prevented and lives can be saved through cost-effective actions such as increased immunisation rates. Children are immunised against common, preventable illnesses such as measles, polio, diphtheria and whooping cough. They also receive preventive medical treatment, such as de-worming medicines and vitamin supplements, and are given mosquito nets to protect against malaria.