IKEA restaurant

Satisfy your appetite with a whole meal or just a snack

Whether you choose to eat a full meal or some afternoon snacks, we promise you a pleasant IKEA Restaurant experience that’s easy on your wallet.

See what's cooking at your local store:

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Hot meal

Main course and hot meals

The IKEA restaurant is in the middle of the store. There’s plenty of space for you and the family to relax, get a full course meal and talk things over.

Sandwiches and cold meals

Besides hot meals, the restaurant offers lighter meals like salads and sandwiches with a Swedish flair.

Cakes and desserts

Lots of good desserts to choose from for those who think a meal is not complete without a sweet. Swedish specialties included.
Child eating

Children’s meals

IKEA loves families, so of course we have children’s favourites in sizes they can manage.