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Crisp, clean, cork

People may use desks differently, but we use almost the same things. This was our starting point when we designed the new KVISSLE series – a team of boxes, letter tray and charger station that sit on your desk, looking good, while all the small things (paper clips, pens, sweets, paper, mobile chargers, etc.) are hidden away in matte white metal boxes with cork lids.

Ready to rock, indoors or out

Some furniture is perfect from the start – like VÄRMDÖ rocking chair that was ready in the very first sketch. The work to take it from the drawing stage to finished product was just as smooth. We think a product as natural as this will be perfect in your home, too, regardless of whether you rock indoors or outdoors. That’s what it was designed for.

A designer’s deck inspires a series

When designer Mikael Warnhammar had wood leftover after building a sundeck at his home, he used the wood to build two armchairs. We thought they were far too good to just stand at Mikael’s. We named the chair SUNDERÖ and created a series, adding a table, bench and footstool in grey-stained pine.

New textiles with old charm

On the hunt for textile inspiration, we went to a museum in France that houses more than six million printed textile samples. We found what we were looking for – detailed patterns in soft colours with a light, romantic feeling – in authentic patterns from the 19th century. Then we adapted the patterns to modern technology. The result is the new EMMIE collection that includes textiles for all over the home like bedlinen, curtains, cushions, fabric and rugs.