IKEA Privacy Policy

Cebas Pty Ltd

Cebas Pty Ltd ACN 009 156 003, is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988. Cebas Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring the privacy of any sensitive or other personal information provided to the company by stakeholders. Cebas Pty Ltd understands that respect for its stakeholders’ privacy is an important factor in holding their trust and developing an ongoing relationship with them.

The following statement sets out Cebas Pty Ltd’s general policy for the protection of its stakeholders’ privacy.

Collection of information

Cebas Pty Ltd collects personal and sensitive information during the course of its everyday activities. The types of information which it may collect about its stakeholders include:
telephone numbers;
email addresses;
dates of birth; and

Source of information and purpose of collection

Personal and sensitive information is collected from stakeholders and those authorised by stakeholders to provide their personal information, such as spouses. Cebas Pty Ltd collects this information to so that it can provide stakeholders with quality home furnishings and related services, and also with employment opportunities. Cebas Pty Ltd also collects personal information to comply with the Corporations Act 2001.

Disclosure of information

Cebas Pty Ltd does not sell, rent or release information gathered on our website to any individuals, companies or groups. Any information we gather is used for Cebas Pty Ltd's own purposes as stated above.

Personal and sensitive information collected elsewhere, is not disclosed to any other person except with the relevant stakeholders’ consent or at their direction, or where required by law. The need to disclose personal information to others is generally restricted to contractors such as furniture deliverers and consultants such as IT system managers, consistent with normal business practice.

Information that we collect automatically

IKEA use technology commonly called “cookies” to manage our website and to ensure that it can carry out the functions that you expect when you visit. Cookies are small files sent by us to your computer which we can refer to later, they can be in the form of session or persistent cookies and may use different technologies such as JavaScript or Flash. Cookies help us make your experience of using our website smooth and as relevant to you as possible. They show us what you and other users do on our website, which helps us make the whole experience better for everyone.
You will find more information on how we use cookies here.

There are different types of cookie in use:
  • Strictly necessary cookies are used to enable the services you have requested such as online checkout retrieval of your IKEA profile information.
  • Performance cookies collect anonymous information on which pages you visit, this can tell us which products are most popular and how customers move through our website.
  • Functional cookies are used to remember choices that you made and thereby further enhance your experience. For example, if you tell us which store you prefer and that you don’t like to be contacted via SMS we will remember.
  • Targeting cookies allow you to share information and send information to other websites that may be relevant to you.
We may access cookies stored on your computer when you visit our site in future or when you open an email from us.

If you want to delete any cookies that are already on your computer, please refer to your browser manufacturer’s instructions by clicking “Help” in your browser menu. Please note that by deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies you may not be able to access or use certain areas or features of our site.

Accessing information overseas

Personal information may be accessed in connection with the management and maintenance of the company’s IT systems by its IT system managers, who are based in the Netherlands.

Failure to provide information

IKEA respects the right of stakeholders to deal with the company without identifying themselves. However, Cebas Pty Ltd may be unable to provide stakeholders with some products and services if they do not identify themselves and provide the company with the information which it may require.

Storage of information

Personal and sensitive information provided by stakeholders or others is stored in both a hard copy format and a soft copy format. Hard copy files are kept in a locked cabinet at Cebas Pty Ltd's business premises. These hard copy files can only be accessed by authorised staff.

Soft copy files are kept on Cebas Pty Ltd’s IT system. This IT system is protected by passwords and likewise is only accessible by authorised staff.

Cebas Pty Ltd has a policy of destroying information that it has collected and no longer uses after a period of seven years.

Access and correction

Stakeholders have a right to access all personal and sensitive information that Cebas Pty Ltd collects and holds about them. This general right of access may be restricted by the exceptions outlined in the National Privacy Principles.

Cebas Pty Ltd’s Privacy Officer (see contact details below) should be contacted if stakeholders wish to access their information. Cebas Pty Ltd will have to verify the identity of stakeholders before meeting their request. Subject to the exceptions referred to above, access will generally be granted within 14 days of a written request being received by the Privacy Officer. This information will be provided free of cost. If stakeholders become aware of any errors or omissions in respect of their personal or sensitive information once access has been granted, they should contact the Privacy Officer so that it can be corrected.


If stakeholders think that their privacy has been interfered with or that Cebas Pty Ltd is breaching its obligations in relation to stakeholders’ privacy, stakeholders can discuss their concerns with the Privacy Officer (see contact details below). If stakeholders are not satisfied with Cebas Pty Ltd's response, the company will advise stakeholders of the other options that are available for proceeding with their complaint.

Contacting Cebas Pty Ltd

If stakeholders’ details change at any time, stakeholders have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or they would like more information about the way Cebas Pty Ltd manages their personal and sensitive information, they should contact the Privacy Officer:
Name: Mr Justin Morrison
Telephone: (08) 9201 4532
Email: info@perth.ikea.com.au