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Ever since the day IKEA was founded, we have been working hard to make our prices even lower than they are already.

By rationalising transportation from supplier to store we can now pass this saving on to you. And you've played your part, too.

The more popular our products become, the bigger the orders we can place. This gives our suppliers long-term financial security. They thank us by reducing prices. Again, we pass the saving on to you for a whole year.

See over 800 products at a New Lower Price in store today - it's our way of saying thank you for helping us!

Here is a selection of the New Lower Price products available at your local IKEA store:


POÄNG Armchair
Last year’s price $169
$129 Cover: Alme natural, red or black

BESTÅ/TOFTA Storage combination
Last year’s price $860
$680 Foil white

EXPEDIT Bookcase
Last year’s price $119
$99 Foil white

EXPEDIT Insert with 2 drawers
Last year’s price $45
$35 Foil black or white

Last year’s price $24.95
$19.95 Transparent, red or blue

Last year’s price $69
$59 Table top: White or green
Legs: White, silver or black

JANSJÖ LED clamp spotlight
Last year’s price $29.95
$19.95 Black, orange, pink, blue and white

MALM Chest of Drawers
Last year’s price $149
$129 White

HEMNES Chest of 8 drawers
Last year’s price $499
$399 White, blue, black-brown,
grey-brown or white stain

ANEBODA Wardrobe
Last year’s price $149
$99 White

EIVOR ORD Quilt cover and 4 pillow cases
Last year’s price $29.95
$24.95 Queen size, White/black

IKEA/365+ FAST Pillow
Last year’s price $39.95
$29.95 Side/back sleeper, firm

GODMORGON/BRÅVIKEN Wash-stand with 2 drawers, 82cm
Last year’s price $525
$475 Black-brown, white stained oak

HAREN Bath towels
Last year’s price $7.95
$4.95 Green, lilac, turquoise and white

FAKTUM/ABSTRAKT High-gloss white kitchen
Last year’s price $4445
$4035 Foil finish

IKEA/365+ Pot with lid, 5L
Last year’s price $29.95
$24.95 Stainless steel

Last year’s price $125
$95 Grey or transparent, chrome-plated

Last year’s price $85
$75 White or brown-black

IKEA/365+ 18-piece service
Last year’s price $79.95
$59.95 White

HAMPEN Rug, high pile, 80x80cm
Last year’s price $19.95
$14.95 Red, black, dark pink, bright green,
white, yellow and blue.

RIBBA Frame, 30x40cm
Last year’s price $19.95
$14.95 Black, white and aluminium-colour