Made to measure worktops
Complete your new IKEA kitchen with a custom-made worktop in stone, acrylic or laminate.
One way to create an individual kitchen style is to design a PERSONLIG made-to-measure worktop. Choose from either an engineered stone, acrylic or laminate worktop tailored to your space.
For more information or a quote, please visit your local IKEA store. If you're not able to experience the full benefits of shopping at our stores, please call our Online Shopping Dept or send us an email:

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Engineered stone is non porous, smooth and easy to clean
PERSONLIG made-to-measure stone worktops are backed by a 15-year limited guarantee. Unlike a solid stone worktop, engineered stone is non-porous, smooth and easy to keep clean, meaning that it is resistant to mould, mildew and does not require resealing.

The surface is also extremely durable, as well as scratch, heat and impact resistant.
Care and maintenance
Acrylic worktops offer virtually seamless joins
PERSONLIG made-to-measure acrylic worktops are backed by a 15-year limited guarantee. The surface is highly flexible in design, easy to maintain and offers virtually seamless joins.

Unlike laminate or stone worktops, if an acrylic worktop is damaged it is highly repairable, meaning you can enjoy it for many years to come. Combined with features such as tile coving, non-porous acrylic worktops are also the most hygienic in the kitchen.
Care and maintenance
Moisture resistant particleboard
PERSONLIG made-to-measure laminate worktops from Formica® come with a 7-year limited warranty. All feature Formica® High Pressure Laminate surface, moisture resistant particle board substrate and Aquaban underside for increased moisture resistance.

A range of velour and gloss finishes are available in-store. Selected colours are also available in pre-cut sizes. See in-store for details.