A recycling symbol
We'll make it easy for you to recycle!

Did you know that you can bring some of your recycling with you to the recycling station at your local IKEA store?

Light bulbs generally contain small amounts of chemicals and should not be placed in landfill.
Batteries contain heavy metals which can poison the soil and water in landfills.
Drinks containers do not break down in landfill and can pollute our oceans.

Rather than throw them out and damage the environment, save them in a special recycling container (look at the IKEA range of waste sorting solutions) and next time you visit the store, leave them with us to dispose of safely with the correct recycling companies.

You can place your used regular light bulbs, low energy light bulbs (e.g. compact fluorescent), domestic batteries, drinks containers and cardboard and paper packing in our recycling bins, located in the main entrance of the store.

If you don’t have enough room in your household recycling bin after your IKEA purchases you can return the cardboard packaging to us. To ensure your cardboard is recycled please place the cardboard in the large bins provided in the car loading area located in the IKEA car park.