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Friday 9th December 2011


Over the Christmas holidays, we tend to add to our home storage needs by acquiring more possessions like new clothes, technologies and books that require a place in the home.

The beginning of a new year means a fresh start. It's an opportunity to draw a line in the sand and to make sure you start off the year ahead on the right foot.

January is the perfect month to start de-cluttering your home and setting a plan to get yourself sorted.

IKEA Perth Store Manager Ms Bene Hansen said de-cluttering your home needs a plan and takes a bit of time.

"People often try to do too much too quickly. It then becomes overwhelming and they just stop and the clutter just slowly builds over the next 12 months," said Ms Hansen.

"At IKEA, we advise customers to tackle their de-cluttering room by room starting with the most used rooms, which are usually the main bedroom, bathroom, living area and kitchen.

"To successfully de-clutter, you often have to make a mess first and this means pulling items from draws, cupboards and bookshelves in order to establish exactly what you need to keep at hand.

"It also requires discipline as most people find it difficult to throw away their possessions but you can't attach a sentimental value to all your belongings.

"The next step is to make a list of what you need to re-organise and their storage requirements. For example, some things might be suitable for storage in a garage or loft but if additional storage is required in the main rooms of the home then it needs to be carefully considered.

"Secondary storage areas like garages often require more functional and less aesthetic storage solutions but it still needs to be neat and tidy.

"The IKEA GORM shelving system is an ideal solution for secondary storage areas. GORM is robust with clean lines and an industrial finish that maximises space to allow for customisation with boxes and storage containers.

"However, functional storage can also be well designed and for primary storage areas like a bedroom it can enhance the look of the room.

"A number of IKEA's products come with inbuilt storage so they serve a dual purpose.

"Also, effective storage doesn't mean having to hide everything away. Open storage solutions like bookshelves and cabinets can be adapted to showcase your most treasured possessions without making the room look untidy.

"Books, ornaments and collectables all look attractive on open display and tell a story to visitors about your own style and interests."

Effective storage becomes more important when you've got children and getting them organised is a key part of making the household run smoothly.

Also, families with children will often need to create new storage spaces within the home and this requires some creative thinking. For example, using the space under the stairs or the full height of a wall to accommodate additional shelving.

"Storage for children needs to be fun and colourful, and child friendly storage solutions will encourage them to pick up their toys, said Ms Hansen.

"The IKEA TROFAST storage combination has proved popular with children over many years because it's sturdy and the colourful plastic draws can be fully removed from the frames."

IKEA has a fantastic range of storage solutions for every room in the home from the hallway to the garden shed.

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One Room at a Time - Don't bite off more than you can chew. Take it one room at a time and have a plan to make your home clutter free.

Think about what you need at hand - Many items stored in the main rooms of our home aren't used for the whole year. Keep only what you need at hand.

Think Creatively - Explore all the hidden and underused spaces within your home to create additional storage.

Be Strong - As well as creating better storage for your belongings you should also be looking to keep only what you need or has sentimental value. This requires a strong mind.

Invest in well designed and functional storage solutions - A cardboard box in the garage maybe OK for some items but in order to keep your possessions in good condition then it's worth investing in well designed and functional storage solutions. These don't need to cost the earth.