IKEA forest projects

IKEA participates in a number of forestry projects with external organisations in order to contribute to the development of responsible forestry practices and policies in countries where we work. IKEA's forestry projects focus on responsible management practices, building capacity for third party certification, combating illegal logging and forestry research and education.

IKEA and WWF forest projects

IKEA and WWF work together to increase the availability of FSC-certified wood and to tackle problems such as illegal logging. We co-operate in projects in important wood sourcing regions such as Russia and China, Bulgaria, Romania and Vietnam.

The co-operation, started, in 2002, has contributed to doubling the certified forest areas in China and helped Russia become the world's second largest country by certified forest areas.

Sow a Seed

The Sow a Seed project is helping to restore 18,500 hectares of rainforest in Malaysian Borneo, damaged by logging and further affected by fire in 1983. The aim is to restore the rainforest by planting a diverse range of indigenous tree species. In the initial phase, IKEA customers contributed generously with start-up funding for the project.

Rainforest Alliance

IKEA supports the Rainforest Alliance to promote Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) forest management certification in China by educating foresters and stakeholders on the principles of FSC certification. The project provides key experts with the training, tools and materials to conduct Rainforest Alliance workshops in order to increase the level of sustainable forestry awareness in China.

Other forestry co-operations

IKEA actively engages in community projects and in dialogue with organisations dedicated to forest management, education and conservation. These co-operations support the implementation of IKEA's long-term forestry goals.