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The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Difficult space clothes and work storage
  BOSSE Bar stool KD 12EKBY JÄRPEN Shelf KD 4.250EKBY JÄRPEN Shelf KD 4.250EKBY BJÄRNUM Jointing bracket KD 2.500EKBY BJÄRNUM Jointing bracket KD 2.500          EKBY JÄRPEN Shelf KD 4.250BREIM Wardrobe KD 12        MULIG Clothes bar KD 1.750SKUBB Storage with 6 compartments KD 3.900SULTAN Leg KD 5
clothes and shoe storage in BREIM wardrobe
Soft touch storage
A wardrobe with a door and sides made from fabric is much softer feeling than most. And right next to you in bed, that’s a good thing. Plus, it’s sturdy like a free-standing rack, but keeps your outfits dust-free.
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BREIM Wardrobe KD 12BOSSE Bar stool KD 12MULIG Clothes bar KD 1.750SKUBB Shoe box KD 3.900
EXPEDIT shelving unit with drawer inserts
Trim and fit
A few drawer inserts in this little EXPEDIT shelving unit and you have room for socks and sweaters and more. Put a mirror and lamp on top and it becomes central station for getting ready.
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    STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven KD 45
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MULIG Clothes bar KD 1.750
Clothes bar
KD 1.750
Min. width: 60 cm, Max. width: 90 cm, Depth: 26 cm
KD 5 /4 pieces
Diameter: 6.0 cm, Building height: 20 cm, Package quantity: 4 pieces
STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven KD 45
Rug, flatwoven
KD 45
Length: 240 cm, Width: 170 cm, Area: 4.08 m²