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Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Price Range
SOLLERÖN stool, outdoor, brown

SOLLERÖN stool, outdoor

KD 23
Length: 62 cm, Width: 62 cm, Height: 32 cm
HÅMÖ beach chair, green

HÅMÖ beach chair

KD 4.500
Width: 54 cm, Depth: 65 cm, Height: 63 cm
FREDÖN hammock, beige

FREDÖN hammock

KD 17
Length: 200 cm, Width: 100 cm, Max. load: 120 kg
KUNGSHOLMEN stool, outdoor, black-brown

KUNGSHOLMEN stool, outdoor

KD 25
Length: 62 cm, Width: 62 cm, Height: 34 cm
ÄPPLARÖ corner sofa 3+2, outdoor, brown brown stained, Hållö beige beige

ÄPPLARÖ corner sofa 3+2, outdoor

KD 175
Depth: 80 cm, Height: 73 cm, Width right: 206 cm
HÅMÖ sun lounger, green

HÅMÖ sun lounger

KD 9.500
Length: 199 cm, Width: 59 cm, Height: 28 cm
ÄPPLARÖ sun lounger, brown brown stained

ÄPPLARÖ sun lounger

KD 39
Length: 199 cm, Width: 71 cm, Height: 33 cm
TORHOLMEN sun lounger, grey

TORHOLMEN sun lounger

KD 57
Length: 219 cm, Width: 70 cm, Height: 47 cm
RISÖ hammock, green

RISÖ hammock

KD 8.500
Length: 265 cm, Width: 150 cm, Max. load: 120 kg
GÅRÖ hammock stand, outdoor, grey

GÅRÖ hammock stand, outdoor

KD 21
Length: 301 cm, Width: 119 cm, Height: 129 cm
MASTHOLMEN side table

MASTHOLMEN side table

KD 12
Length: 42 cm, Width: 42 cm, Height: 45 cm
BROMMÖ lounger, outdoor, black, brown

BROMMÖ lounger, outdoor

KD 17
Width: 48 cm, Depth: 92 cm, Height: 89 cm