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Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
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IKEA PS 2017 collection

Display of a collection consisting of foldable sofas, armchairs and tables, sound-absorbing room divider, sturdy boxes, cushions, throws, lamps and vases.
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IKEA PS is for the fiercely independent. For free-thinkers who refuse a work-eat-sleep-repeat life and who give convention a wedgie. Not asking for permission or approval. Choosing freedom and the possibilities that come with it.
And that is exactly who this IKEA PS collection was designed for. Because who better to appreciate a folding sofa that can hang on a wall, or a pillow that becomes a quilt, or a self-watering pot that helps keep unattended plants alive for two weeks?
A seat/floor pad in light green/dark blue with touch-and-close fastening that makes it easy to roll it up and put it away.
A person wearing a quilted jacket without arms in dark blue with turquoise lining.
Candlesticks for three candles in cerise, silver-colour and dark blue.
Instant drink packages in three flavours such as lingonberry, raspberry and rose hip, shown together with a glass jar filled with water.
Take a lightweight, metal-frame corner easy chair. Add cushions to personalize it. Comfort couldn’t be easier.
IKEA PS 2012 drop-leaf table, bamboo, white Length: 106 cm Min. length: 74 cm Max. length: 138 cm
IKEA PS 2012
drop-leaf table
KD 59
Length: 106 cm, Min. length: 74 cm, Max. length: 138 cm
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This is the story of bike messenger Kelsey Phillips, who quit her studies in microbiology to do what she loves. Skip convention. Choose freedom with IKEA PS 2017, and LIVE IT.
Four red chargeable flashlights, each in a white cage, inspired by old railway lanterns. Runs on rechargeable batteries, USB cord or transformer.
Chargeable flashlight in a cage. Carry it, hang it, put it on your table. Or just use as a flashlight.
Close-up of a green knitted throw with a three-dimensional structure.
Beautiful throw blanket. Visual and tactile comfort inspired by nature. Throw it over a bed or sofa to add texture.
A bag of whole grains with spices, such as ramson, jalapeno, lemon and lingonberries. Shown together with a stainless steel pot with boiling water on a small gas stove.
Tasty and satisfying grains. Ready in a minute, literally.
IKEA PS 2017 cushion, off-white Length: 50 cm Width: 50 cm Filling weight: 300 g
IKEA PS 2017
KD 3.500
Length: 50 cm, Width: 50 cm, Filling weight: 300 g
IKEA PS 2017 cushion, dark blue Length: 50 cm Width: 50 cm Filling weight: 300 g
IKEA PS 2017
KD 3.500
Length: 50 cm, Width: 50 cm, Filling weight: 300 g
A side table in solid beech with white powder coated steel shelves and four castors. Shown with glasses, a glass carafe and a pile of paper napkins.
Mobile side table. Put anything you want on it. Serve food and drinks. Move it round on wheels, and make flexible use of available space.
Handmade glass vases in three different sizes, milky white or smoke-coloured. Some are filled with white stones and cactuses and som are empty.
Beautiful glass vases you can stack up in different ways. Use them separately, or together. Put food in them, put objects in them. Total freedom.
IKEA PS 2017 side table/stool, beech Tested for: 100 kg Height: 45 cm Diameter: 43 cm
IKEA PS 2017
side table/stool
KD 17
Tested for: 100 kg, Height: 45 cm, Diameter: 43 cm
IKEA PS MASKROS pendant lamp Max.: 75 W Diameter: 80 cm Cord length: 180 cm
pendant lamp
KD 29
Max.: 75 W, Diameter: 80 cm, Cord length: 180 cm
A room with two round modern rocking-chairs in black with green throws and two side tables in beech. In the background two storage units in galvanised steel filled with music magazines and old records.