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Children’s storage, bed, desk and toys in an IKEA room
Where creativity is free to grow
Here’s a space for letting a child’s imagination run wild – with furniture that’s built to fit kids and plenty of storage for all the playmates.
      LÖVA Bed canopy KD 3.500        TORVA Soft toy KD 2.900TORVA Soft toy KD 1.950
A boy sitting in front of STUVA bench with SKOJIG work lamp
A future Picasso?
A desk at his own height will make it much easier for him to create those priceless works of art you hang on the refrigerator. And drawing or painting also helps develop the motor skills he’ll need to learn to tie his shoes or write the alphabet.
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  STUVA Bench KD 15STUVA Bench KD 15
Close-up of KUSINER bed storage box filled with soft toys
Monster free
Storing soft toys in a flexible box under the bed makes getting them out to play with something he can do all by himself. Plus, if there’s storage under the bed there won’t be any room left for monsters.
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KUSINER Bed storage box KD 2.900
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