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Children's beds 8-12

Cosy comfort at the heart of their space

For 8 to 12 year-olds, a bed can be the centre of their space, where they sit and talk with friends, play games online and more. Our children’s beds 8-12 offer more than just comfort for a good night’s sleep. There are lots of options to meet different needs, like bed frames with built-in storage or extra beds that can be pulled out for sleepovers.

SVÄRTA bunk bed frame, silver-colour Length: 208 cm Width: 97 cm Height: 159 cm
bunk bed frame
KD 69
Length: 208 cm, Width: 97 cm, Height: 159 cm
SVÄRTA underbed, silver-colour Length: 197 cm Width: 93 cm Height: 20 cm
KD 29
Length: 197 cm, Width: 93 cm, Height: 20 cm
TUFFING bunk bed frame, dark grey Length: 207 cm Width: 96.5 cm Height: 130.5 cm
bunk bed frame
KD 39
Length: 207 cm, Width: 96.5 cm, Height: 130.5 cm
TUFFING loft bed frame, dark grey Length: 208 cm Distance from floor to bed base: 145 cm Width: 97 cm
loft bed frame
KD 39
Length: 208 cm, Distance from floor to bed base: 145 cm, Width: 97 cm