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A cosy bedroom with DIY bed canopy
  DEKAD Alarm clock KD 1.900EGEBY Rug, flatwoven KD 9        ALINA Bedspread and 2 cushion covers KD 25AINA Fabric KD 2.900    BYHOLMA Armchair KD 29BYHOLMA Armchair KD 29BYHOLMA Armchair KD 29DEKAD Alarm clock KD 1.900        HERMINE Throw KD 5.500        RIBBA Frame KD 1.500FJÄLLSTA Frame KD 5.900RIBBA Frame KD 1.500RIBBA Frame KD 1.500
Close-up of DIY canopy hanging above bed
Hang a little romance
With just a piece of fabric, two curtain rods and some hooks mounted to the ceiling, you can make a bed canopy. It’s an easy way to add a little softness to your dream-room.
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AINA Fabric KD 2.900BETYDLIG Curtain rod holder KD 0.250HUGAD Curtain rod KD 1.250HUGAD Curtain rod KD 1.250
Close-up of gallery wall with FJÄLLSTA frames
Simple display with big impact
We hung frames over the bed in different sizes, colours and styles, and filled them with some nice images. The straight line of the frame bottoms makes it feel like a real collection.
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FJÄLLSTA Frame KD 2.500RIBBA Frame KD 1.750FJÄLLSTA Frame KD 5.900
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ALINA Bedspread and 2 cushion covers KD 25
Bedspread and 2 cushion covers
KD 25
Bedspread length: 280 cm, Bedspread width: 260 cm, Cushion cover length: 65 cm
BYHOLMA Armchair KD 29
KD 29
Width: 68 cm, Depth: 72 cm, Height: 92 cm
HUGAD Curtain rod KD 1.250
Curtain rod
KD 1.250
Min. length: 120 cm, Max. length: 210 cm, Diameter: 28 mm
HJÄLMAREN Towel rack with 5 hooks KD 5
Towel rack with 5 hooks
KD 5
Length: 57.5 cm, Depth: 12 cm, Height: 16 cm
FJÄLLSTA Frame KD 2.500
KD 2.500
Width: 29 cm, Height: 38 cm, Picture, width: 21 cm