Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Large IKEA bathroom with two wash-basins, two mirrors and high cabinets
        BOLMEN Stool KD 2.500        GRUNDTAL Towel holder 4 bars KD 3.250KOLJA Mirror KD 3.500KOLJA Mirror KD 3.500LILLÅNGEN Wall cabinet with 1 door KD 14LILLÅNGEN Wall cabinet with 1 door KD 14LOSJÖN Soap dispenser KD 1.250LOSJÖN Soap dispenser KD 1.250LOSJÖN Toilet brush KD 2.900LOSJÖN Toothbrush mug KD 0.750LOSJÖN Toothbrush mug KD 0.750TOFTBO Bath mat KD 4.500TOFTBO Bath mat KD 4.500RÖRSKÄR Wash-basin mixer tap with strainer KD 13RÖRSKÄR Wash-basin mixer tap with strainer KD 13SALTGRUND Shower curtain KD 3.250
LILLÅNGEN white wall cabinet with tempered glass door
For more storage, look up
Don’t let any space go to waste – not even the walls. These wall cabinets have an adjustable shelf, so they’re great for storing everything from fingernail polish to extra shampoo.
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LILLÅNGEN Wall cabinet with 1 door KD 14LILLÅNGEN Wall cabinet with 1 door KD 14  KOLJA Mirror KD 3.500
Hangers with self-adhesive backing in assorted colours and sizes
Easy reach for little ones
With hangers at the right height it becomes easy for your child to manage their own bathroom stuff. And bright ones also let you colour-code easily for each child. So, no towel mixups here.
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LOSJÖN Hanger KD 2.900LOSJÖN Hanger KD 2.900