Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Hotel lobby with a seating area and desks
    EKTORP Three-seat sofa KD 160ERIK File cabinet KD 39ERIK File cabinet KD 39ERIK File cabinet KD 39ERIK File cabinet KD 39  STOCKHOLM Swivel easy chair KD 125STOCKHOLM Swivel easy chair KD 125
LACK wall shelf as a desk divider and storage
A different angle on workspaces
A LACK wall shelf easily becomes a subtle way to give some desktop privacy. Used for decorative displays or functional storage, it neatly divides the table without ever feeling too obtrusive.
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  INGATORP Extendable table KD 85    REIDAR Chair, in/outdoor KD 18REIDAR Chair, in/outdoor KD 18
STOCKHOLM swivel easy chair Sandbacka greenSTOCKHOLM Swivel easy chair KD 125
Well-organised BILLY bookcases and a filing cabinet
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EKTORP Three-seat sofa KD 160
Three-seat sofa
KD 160
Depth: 88 cm, Seat depth: 49 cm, Seat height: 45 cm
ERIK File cabinet KD 39
File cabinet
KD 39
Depth: 50 cm, Height: 104 cm, Width: 41 cm
STOCKHOLM Swivel easy chair KD 125
Swivel easy chair
KD 125
Depth: 77 cm, Seat width: 67 cm, Seat depth: 51 cm
INGATORP Extendable table KD 85
Extendable table
KD 85
Length: 155 cm, Max. length: 215 cm, Height: 74 cm
REIDAR Chair, in/outdoor KD 18
Chair, in/outdoor
KD 18
Tested for: 100 kg, Depth: 50 cm, Seat width: 42 cm