Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Wall shelves filled with magazine files, boxes, letter trays and waste sorting bags
Organisation doesn’t hurt
You can be organised and creative at the same time. You’ll spend less time looking for things and more time creating.
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ALGOT Wall upright/shelves KD 61.450DIMPA Waste sorting bag, set of 4 KD 1.750DIMPA Waste sorting bag, set of 4 KD 1.750KVISSLE Letter tray KD 8.500
GALANT desk in white and chrome with a printer on top
  KNODD Bin with lid KD 2.900FOTO Pendant lamp KD 3.250FOTO Pendant lamp KD 3.250
KLIPPAN two-seat sofa in white artificial leather
Get a new perspective
A sofa can be a real gem in the office. Sit down for a cup of coffee or lie down and brainstorm.
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KLIPPAN Two-seat sofa KD 98IKEA PS 2012 Coffee table KD 17
FORSÅ black work lamp with adjustable arm
Close-up of GALANT desk with electrical height adjustment
Ups and downs
A height adjustable desk allows you to change your working position and keep your body fresh throughout the day.
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ALEX Drawer unit KD 29
Drawer unit
KD 29
Depth: 58 cm, Height: 70 cm, Width: 36 cm
FOTO Pendant lamp KD 9.750
Pendant lamp
KD 9.750
Diameter: 50 cm, Cord length: 160 cm
KLIPPAN Two-seat sofa KD 98
Two-seat sofa
KD 98
Depth: 88 cm, Seat depth: 54 cm, Seat height: 43 cm
KNODD Bin with lid KD 5.900
Bin with lid
KD 5.900
Diameter: 41 cm, Height: 51 cm, Volume: 40 l
IKEA PS 2012 Coffee table KD 17
IKEA PS 2012
Coffee table
KD 17
Length: 70 cm, Free height under furniture: 13 cm, Height: 48 cm
RIBBA Picture ledge KD 2.500
Picture ledge
KD 2.500
Length: 115 cm, Depth: 9 cm, Max. load: 7.50 kg