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Make your living room reflecting your personality.
Show who you are and be yourself in the living room.

Living room is limitless. You can be alone or
spend time with family and friends.
At times, you can cherish and celebrate
precious moments together as well!
Living room also can be a space for
simply doing nothing.

Find your color and express yourself
in the living room.

Express yourselfMy Living room, My way.

with Oh Hyuk

오혁 사진

Who would be an ideal example of expressing oneself?
IKEA would like to tell the story with Oh Hyuk,
who is known for his free spirit and unique identity.

“I was inspired by IKEA and the slogan ‘Express yourself’ to write this song. The title “Golden Peach” is a paradoxical combination of a beautiful but fragile peach which is easily bruised, and gold, a symbol of eternity. It is an expression of the wish for everything precious to last forever. This title is also one that I’ve been saving for a long time to write a song for.”

Learn how you can express yourself
through his music!

Oh Hyuk - Golden Peach (for IKEA)

IKEA Brandrama

Hej Geösil

Hej Geösil is
a pop up exhibition under the theme "Express yourself. My living room. my way",
which aims to inspire you to rethink their living rooms
in a new perspective, as unique spaces that match your lifestyles.

Hej Geösil Performance

Enjoy the Express yourself collaboration performances at Yeontral Park in front of the IKEA pop-up exhibition space.

  • Hyukoh
    9.2(Sat) 5pm - 5:30pm
  • Kiha & The Faces
    9.8(Fri) 8pm - 8:30pm

Hej Geösil Artists

Appreciate some art from a variety of artists up close at the IKEA pop-up exhibition.

  • 9.5(Tue) 4pm - 6pm
    A visual artist who narrates completely ordinary, somewhat lacking and never perfect day to day events with light heartedness and romance, encouraging people around us who lead ordinary lives through images that are as refreshing as a glass of fresh juice.
  • 9.7(Thur) 4pm - 6pm
    A visual artist working on a wide spectrum of projects based on visual creations, whose works are characterized by pop vintage and kidult icons containing vivid colors and wit.
  • 9.12(Tue) 4pm - 6pm
    I create paintings without borders. I am inspired by the fact
    that we lead our individual lives
    and have our own individual thoughts
    even as we experience things that happen between people
    and the many situations that we face together.
    I try to explore the passing moments.
  • 9.14(Thur) 4pm - 6pm
    Apple beat is a friend who tries to bring to life witty ideas
    that are too good to remain just as thoughts.
    I always look at the world with a flexible mind
    and liberated spirit.