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Lamp shades, bases & cords

Create a lamp you love

Our large selection of lamp shades, bases and cords gives you infinite ways to create your very own light solution. So you can choose the colours, patterns and styles that will make your home shine. And when you’re ready for a new lighting look, all it takes is a new shade.

Lamp cords with copper-coloured geometric plastic beads.
Give the cord some sparkle
Decorate the lamp cord and give it a design of its own with SÄTTRA lamp accessories featuring geometric beads from silver to gold.


  • Lamp shades & lamp bases – design your own lamp

    With our lamp shades and lamp bases in different styles and sizes, you have everything you need to create your own personal lamps. We’ve a big choice of lamp shades with lots of different looks, from natural scenes or abstract patterns to plain white or coloured. Combine your favourite lamp shade with a floor or table lamp bases, and you have something that not only helps you see your stylish furniture, but is part of your stylish furniture. Some of our lamp shades can be used with a ceiling cord, too, so you can have a ceiling light that matches your other lamps. We also have lots of other home furnishings that match our lamp shades, from curtains to pictures.

  • New lamp shades, new look

    There’s another advantage of combining your choice of lamp shades and lamp bases. You can create the lamps that suit you today and then just change the lamp shades whenever you feel like a mini home makeover. Of course, to have the best light for all those different things you do throughout your home, you need to have a mix of different types of lighting. Maybe you could have a look at the rest of our range, too, like ceiling lights, spotlights and wall lamps – all at nice, affordable prices. And if you need some bulbs, we have lots of different types and sizes, too.