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Parasols & gazebos

Keep sun and wind under control

Sunshine and cooling breezes are lovely, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Our parasols and gazebos give you shade and protection from UV rays while our windshields shelter your balcony from wind and nosey neighbours. Many of the fabrics we use for these outdoor products are washable, to keep your outdoor space looking fresh.

IKEA Gazebos, parasols & wind-/sunshields
KARLSÖ parasol, beige, Lökö grey Diameter: 300 cm Height: 261 cm
¥ 14,999
Diameter: 300 cm, Height: 261 cm
LÅNGHOLMEN parasol, beige, Lökö grey Length: 300 cm Width: 250 cm Height: 271 cm
¥ 24,990
Length: 300 cm, Width: 250 cm, Height: 271 cm
SAMSÖ parasol, beige, Lökö grey Diameter: 200 cm Min. height: 174 cm Max. height: 239 cm
¥ 10,999
Diameter: 200 cm, Min. height: 174 cm, Max. height: 239 cm
KARLSÖ gazebo with curtains, white Width: 300 cm Depth: 300 cm Height: 258 cm
gazebo with curtains
¥ 24,990
Width: 300 cm, Depth: 300 cm, Height: 258 cm
SOLIG net, assorted colours white Diameter: 150 cm Height: 300 cm
¥ 1,499
Diameter: 150 cm, Height: 300 cm
KARLSÖ parasol, tilting, beige Diameter: 300 cm Pole diameter: 38 mm Height: 250 cm
¥ 7,999
Diameter: 300 cm, Pole diameter: 38 mm, Height: 250 cm
  • Gazebos for a welcoming shaded retreat

    Our parasols and gazebos have been designed to create cool, shaded relaxation spaces, even in hot sunshine. Air vents in the centre of our parasols allow heat to circulate and reduce wind pressure, creating a calm and comfortable environment in the shade. Our parasols can be used in conjunction with our outdoor dining sets, with adjustable tilt functions on the SAMSÖ and KARLSÖ models giving protection from the sun all day long, while the overhanging KARLSÖ parasol features an off-centre base to save patio space. Our gazebos give a wider area of shade, and the KARLSÖ even features curtains to create a private outdoor room.

  • Gazebos to help you enjoy the outdoors

    Even at the height of summer, you sometimes need shelter from the elements, which is where our gazebos come in. And our water-repellent parasols and shields create a welcome shelter and are ideal for use at garden parties when the weather is predictably unpredictable. The colourful RAMSÖ parasol and DYNING windshield help to brighten up even the dreariest of days. We’ve also got weighted parasol bases with clever features like carry handles and cut-out holes for chairs, making coping with the weather that little bit easier.