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The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Small, professional-style kitchen in stainless steel
Small kitchen?
Dream big!
Small kitchens excite us. We like to embrace the benefits of having everything in sight and close at hand. Here, we made the cooking run smoother by limiting the chef’s need to run around fetching tools.
        HJUVIK Kitchen mixer tap/handspray ¥ 28,697NUMERÄR Worktop ¥ 21,497ASKER Container ¥ 822GRUNDTAL Kitchen trolley ¥ 14,990GRUNDTAL Wall shelf ¥ 4,618GRUNDTAL Wall shelf ¥ 4,618GRUNDTAL Wall shelf ¥ 3,384GRUNDTAL Wall shelf ¥ 3,384GRUNDTAL Wall shelf ¥ 3,384GRUNDTAL Wall shelf ¥ 3,384HEKTAR Pendant lamp ¥ 3,075HEKTAR Pendant lamp ¥ 3,075IDEALISK Colander ¥ 719FAVORIT Sauté pan with lid ¥ 7,190  HEKTAR Wall/clamp spotlight ¥ 1,841  TYDA Handle ¥ 1,029    TYDA Handle ¥ 1,029TYDA Handle ¥ 1,029
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Easy cooking
Watch this video and see how whipping up a delicious meal is a breeze when everything is easy to find and get at.
GRUNDTAL towel rails hung from the ceiling for extra storage
Look up for more space
Use all the space you have by even hanging cookware from the ceiling. We mounted GRUNDTAL towel rails here to create a beautiful kitchen canopy where cooking tools are always ripe for picking.
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IDEALISK Strainer ¥ 513GRUNDTAL Towel rail ¥ 1,635GRUNDTAL Towel rail ¥ 1,635GRUNDTAL Towel rail ¥ 1,635
GRUNDTAL kitchen trolley
A moveable mini-kitchen
Wheel it out when you need it, away when you don’t. Kitchen trolleys come to the rescue in small kitchens, providing tools, storage and an extra worktop right where you need it.
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KNODD Bin with lid ¥ 2,047GRUNDTAL Kitchen trolley ¥ 14,990
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NUMERÄR Worktop ¥ 21,497
¥ 21,497
Length: 186 cm, Depth: 66.4 cm, Thickness: 3.8 cm
PERFEKT Plinth ¥ 4,629
¥ 4,629
Length: 220 cm, Height: 16 cm
TYDA Handle ¥ 1,029
¥ 1,029 /2 pack
Length: 138 mm, Depth: 11 mm, Width: 19 mm
FAVORIT Sauté pan with lid ¥ 7,190
Sauté pan with lid
¥ 7,190
Diameter: 26 cm, Height: 7 cm, Volume: 3 l
GRUNDTAL Kitchen trolley ¥ 14,990
Kitchen trolley
¥ 14,990
Length: 54 cm, Height: 90 cm, Width: 41 cm
GRUNDTAL Wall shelf ¥ 4,618
Wall shelf
¥ 4,618
Length: 120 cm, Depth: 27 cm, Height: 20 cm
GRUNDTAL Wall shelf ¥ 3,384
Wall shelf
¥ 3,384
Length: 80 cm, Depth: 27 cm, Height: 20 cm
HEKTAR Pendant lamp ¥ 3,075
Pendant lamp
¥ 3,075
Diameter: 22 cm, Shade height: 26 cm, Cord length: 110 cm
HEKTAR Wall/clamp spotlight ¥ 1,841
Wall/clamp spotlight
¥ 1,841
Max. depth: 22 cm, Diameter: 11 cm, Shade height: 15 cm
KNODD Bin with lid ¥ 2,047
Bin with lid
¥ 2,047
Diameter: 41 cm, Height: 51 cm, Volume: 40 l