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Children 8-12

Time for some personal space

Between the ages of 8-12, kids explore their identity and how they fit into the world. So our children’s furniture isn’t just practical for everything from sleepovers to gaming, it also helps kids personalise their space and show who they are.

Show the grown-ups what your dream room looks like
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A children’s room with a grey bunk bed and white storage combined with colourful bedlinen and rug.
A teenage room with a silver-coloured loft bed with a desk and chest of drawers underneath.
A children’s room with a bunk bed, desk and storage in solid pine. Combined with bed linen, rug and noticeboard in pink.
A children’s room with black bunk bed, desk, storage and textiles in green and orange.
A children’s room with a silver-coloured bunk bed made with bed linen in turquoise and blue. On the floor there is a rug with LED lighting that looks like a stage.
Funky textiles to liven up the kid’s room
Close-up of a pillowcase with a fun pattern of a fox with a scarf, a green loudspeaker and bowling cones.
Bring home some cool graphics with the new colourful FLICKÖGA and GULLTRATT quilt covers and pillow cases. These funky and geometric prints are perfectly matched with the playful THORINE cushions.
FLICKÖGA Quilt cover and pillowcase ¥ 2,999 THORINE Cushion ¥ 999
So that every day begins and ends in a dream
View of child’s bed with sport themed textile and rug and assorted toys
The SPRINGA collection features a running track rug, soccer field quilt and cushions covering sports from tennis to basketball – perfect for your future football player.
SPELPLAN Quilt cover and pillowcase ¥ 2,499 SPRINGA Rug, low pile ¥ 3,999 BOLLKÄR Soft toy ¥ 999 BOLLKÄR Soft toy ¥ 999 BOLLSINNE Soft toy ¥ 799 BOLLTOKIG Soft toy ¥ 799 BOLLTOKIG Soft toy ¥ 799 BOLLSINNE Soft toy ¥ 799
View of child’s bed with custom-themed textile and rug with a book on the floor
Custom-made for kids curious about the world and how it works, the UTFORSKA collection displays exciting images of exploration, science and discovery.
BENRANGEL Quilt cover and pillowcase ¥ 2,499 FUFFLA Cushion ¥ 1,499 UTFORSKA Rug, low pile ¥ 1,499 ÅKTUR Cushion ¥ 1,499
View of child’s bed with themed textile and rug with cushions on the floor
PÅSIG collection is designed for kids who have high-adrenalin dreams, even when they’re chilling out.
BUFFLIG Cushion ¥ 1,499 FUFFENS Cushion ¥ 2,499 SNABBFOTAD Rug, low pile ¥ 3,999 PIMPLA Quilt cover and pillowcase ¥ 2,499
View of child’s bed with themed textile and rug
Is your child constantly connected? The FLYGA collection takes its inspiration from the popular worlds of gaming and social media.
FLYGA Quilt cover and pillowcase ¥ 2,499 LEVANDE Rug, flatwoven ¥ 3,999 SLINGRIG Cushion ¥ 1,499

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