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A safe place to rest their head

Let’s face it, it’s wonderful to be a new parent but it’s also a little scary. That’s why our cots and cribs are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the strictest safety standards that exist in the world. All have rounded edges and side bars spaced at a safe distance – and they’re made from non-harmful materials and finishes. Plus, our cots adjust to fit your growing-like-a-weed little one. So you can sleep like a baby, too.

SNIGLAR cot, beech Length: 124 cm Width: 66 cm Height: 80 cm
¥ 6,999
Length: 124 cm, Width: 66 cm, Height: 80 cm
HENSVIK cot, white Length: 123 cm Width: 66 cm Height: 85 cm
¥ 12,990
Length: 123 cm, Width: 66 cm, Height: 85 cm
SUNDVIK cot, grey-brown Length: 124.6 cm Width: 66.7 cm Height: 84.8 cm
¥ 14,990
Length: 124.6 cm, Width: 66.7 cm, Height: 84.8 cm
SUNDVIK cot, white Length: 124.6 cm Width: 66.7 cm Height: 84.8 cm
¥ 14,990
Length: 124.6 cm, Width: 66.7 cm, Height: 84.8 cm
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Cots to love (more than once)
We put our hearts into designing our cots and test them to the highest standards. Which means they are safe and sturdy for future siblings as well.


  • Baby cots for a sound night’s sleep

    You can give your baby a safe, secure and comfortable place to sleep with one of our baby cots. We have different designs and colours to help you find cots to suit your style. Our cots are sturdy and strong so you can relax while your baby sleeps. And as babies grow, our cots adapt, with bed bases that can be set at two different heights so your child can’t fall out. When your baby is old enough, most of our cots have a side that you can take off, transforming them into a bed. Your child can sleep in it for longer, giving you better value for your money.

  • Comfortable cots and everything your baby needs

    Once you’ve chosen one of our cots, you can find plenty of other things your baby needs. We have mattresses that perfectly fit our cots so your baby can sleep safely. They have machine washable covers to help you keep them clean and fresh and you can add our waterproof mattress protector for those little accidents. It’s made of a non-breathable material, so shouldn’t go under your baby’s head. Many of our cots belong to series, so you can get other matching furniture, too, like storage or changing tables. Whatever you need to make bring up your baby easier, from sleeping bags to a baby bath, it’s worth looking around here.