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Wall lights and lamps

A bright way to use your walls

When thinking about lighting up your space, don’t forget the walls. Our wall lights come in different styles, and include spotlights and uplighters. Many can be used with ultra energy-efficient LED bulbs or come with them built-in, so you’ll spend less on electricity and help the planet, too.

GYLLEN wall fitting, white Length: 95 cm Width: 19 cm Cord length: 240 cm
wall fitting
JD 29
Length: 95 cm, Width: 19 cm, Cord length: 240 cm
HEKTAR wall/clamp spotlight, dark grey Max. depth: 22 cm Diameter: 11 cm Shade height: 15 cm
wall/clamp spotlight
JD 15
Max. depth: 22 cm, Diameter: 11 cm, Shade height: 15 cm
IKEA PS 2012 LED wall lamp, black Max. length: 90 cm Max. width: 55 cm Height: 30 cm
IKEA PS 2012
LED wall lamp
JD 55
Max. length: 90 cm, Max. width: 55 cm, Height: 30 cm
JANSJÖ LED clamp spotlight, blue Luminous flux: 75 lm Height: 40 cm Cord length: 350 cm
LED clamp spotlight
JD 19
Luminous flux: 75 lm, Height: 40 cm, Cord length: 350 cm
KVART wall/clamp spotlight, black Shade diameter: 8.5 cm Cord length: 2.5 m Wall fitting diameter: 8 cm
wall/clamp spotlight
JD 8.250
Shade diameter: 8.5 cm, Cord length: 2.5 m, Wall fitting diameter: 8 cm
KVINTETT wall uplighter, white Height: 26 cm Width: 24 cm Cord length: 2.5 m
wall uplighter
JD 17
Height: 26 cm, Width: 24 cm, Cord length: 2.5 m
LEDSJÖ LED wall lamp, stainless steel Luminous flux: 300 lm Length: 60 cm Depth: 11 cm
LED wall lamp
JD 49
Luminous flux: 300 lm, Length: 60 cm, Depth: 11 cm
MUSIK wall lamp, chrome-plated Length: 60.0 cm Depth: 77 mm Width: 37 mm
wall lamp
JD 19
Length: 60.0 cm, Depth: 77 mm, Width: 37 mm
RIBBA LED picture lighting, aluminium Length: 35 cm Depth: 18 cm Cord length: 2 m
LED picture lighting
JD 25
Length: 35 cm, Depth: 18 cm, Cord length: 2 m
TISDAG LED clamp spotlight, grey Luminous flux: 90 lm Shade diameter: 10 cm Shade height: 8 cm
LED clamp spotlight
JD 35
Luminous flux: 90 lm, Shade diameter: 10 cm, Shade height: 8 cm
VIKT LED wall lamp Depth: 7.7 cm Height: 11.5 cm Width: 9.5 cm
LED wall lamp
JD 37
Depth: 7.7 cm, Height: 11.5 cm, Width: 9.5 cm
VITEMÖLLA wall lamp, porcelain Height: 20 cm Base diameter: 12 cm Shade diameter: 13 cm
wall lamp
JD 29
Height: 20 cm, Base diameter: 12 cm, Shade diameter: 13 cm
VITEMÖLLA wall lamp, glass, metal Height: 28 cm Base diameter: 13 cm Shade diameter: 13 cm
wall lamp
JD 24
Height: 28 cm, Base diameter: 13 cm, Shade diameter: 13 cm
ÅRSTID wall lamp, white, nickel-plated Depth: 38 cm Shade diameter: 145 mm Cord length: 2.5 m
wall lamp
JD 19
Depth: 38 cm, Shade diameter: 145 mm, Cord length: 2.5 m
ÖSTANÅ wall lamp, white Depth: 15 cm Height: 18 cm Width: 6 cm
wall lamp
JD 17
Depth: 15 cm, Height: 18 cm, Width: 6 cm