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Ceiling lights

Your style shining from above

Ceiling lights can not only light up your whole room – they’re a great way to show off your style, too. From spotlights to flush ceiling lamps to pendants that make a design statement, we have a wide selection to help you fit your space, style and lighting needs.

MELODI pendant lamp Diameter: 28 cm Total height: 195 cm Shade height: 26 cm
pendant lamp
JD 5.500
Diameter: 28 cm, Total height: 195 cm, Shade height: 26 cm
HEKTAR pendant lamp, dark grey Diameter: 38 cm Cord length: 140 cm Length of chain: 110 cm
pendant lamp
JD 64.990
Diameter: 38 cm, Cord length: 140 cm, Length of chain: 110 cm Available in more options
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TIDIG ceiling spotlight with 5 spots, nickel-plated Length: 133 cm Height: 22 cm Shade diameter: 6 cm
ceiling spotlight with 5 spots
JD 39.990
Length: 133 cm, Height: 22 cm, Shade diameter: 6 cm
Different IKEA pendent lamp cords and lamp shades can be mixed and matched together to create a light that’s just your style.  Try our lamp creation tool to get started.
Searching for something different?
Here's how you can combine your own selection of shades, bases and cords for a personal look.

Start creating your own lamp
ÖRTOFTA chandelier Diameter: 42 cm Height: 50 cm Cord length: 1.4 m
JD 139
Diameter: 42 cm, Height: 50 cm, Cord length: 1.4 m
STOCKHOLM chandelier Diameter: 52 cm Height: 70 cm Cord length: 1.5 m
JD 119
Diameter: 52 cm, Height: 70 cm, Cord length: 1.5 m
ÄLVSBYN LED chandelier, white Diameter: 73 cm Height: 63 cm Cord length: 1.3 m
LED chandelier
JD 49.990
Diameter: 73 cm, Height: 63 cm, Cord length: 1.3 m
FOTO pendant lamp, aluminium Diameter: 38 cm Total height: 1.8 m Cord length: 1.6 m
pendant lamp
JD 18.990
Diameter: 38 cm, Total height: 1.8 m, Cord length: 1.6 m Available in more options
FOTO pendant lamp, aluminium Max.: 60 W Diameter: 50 cm Total height: 180 cm
pendant lamp
JD 39.990
Max.: 60 W, Diameter: 50 cm, Total height: 180 cm
STOCKHOLM pendant lamp, white Diameter: 55 cm Height: 23 cm Cord length: 1.5 m
pendant lamp
JD 89.990
Diameter: 55 cm, Height: 23 cm, Cord length: 1.5 m
Get the sunny feeling, inside
Piles of cushions in white, red and orange shown together with a white pendant lamp. STOCKHOLM Pendant lamp JD 89.990 ORANGELILJA Fabric JD 4.750 GURLI Cushion cover JD 3.750 SANELA Cushion cover JD 7.500 DAGGSKÅL Fabric JD 4.750 LOHALS Rug, flatwoven JD 79.990
ÄLVÄNGEN pendant lamp, white Diameter: 35 cm Max. height: 1.9 m Height: 21 cm
pendant lamp
JD 34.990
Diameter: 35 cm, Max. height: 1.9 m, Height: 21 cm
ÄLVÄNGEN pendant lamp double, white Min. width: 101 cm Max. width: 130 cm Min. height: 92 cm
pendant lamp double
JD 89.990
Min. width: 101 cm, Max. width: 130 cm, Min. height: 92 cm
SVIRVEL pendant lamp double, white Width: 103 cm Max. height: 710 cm Cord length: 1.7 m
pendant lamp double
JD 39.990
Width: 103 cm, Max. height: 710 cm, Cord length: 1.7 m
BÄVE LED ceiling track, 3-spots, white Luminous flux: 500 lm Length: 78 cm Width: 2.8 cm
LED ceiling track, 3-spots
JD 59.990
Luminous flux: 500 lm, Length: 78 cm, Width: 2.8 cm
LYSBOJ ceiling lamp, white Max.: 20 W Diameter: 31 cm Height: 18 cm
ceiling lamp
JD 1.750
Max.: 20 W, Diameter: 31 cm, Height: 18 cm
ÅRSTID pendant lamp, 3-armed Width: 15 cm Shade diameter: 15 cm Length of chain: 0.9 m
pendant lamp, 3-armed
JD 37.990
Width: 15 cm, Shade diameter: 15 cm, Length of chain: 0.9 m
ÄNGLAND pendant lamp Max.: 13 W Diameter: 56 cm Cord length: 1.8 m
pendant lamp
JD 29.990
Max.: 13 W, Diameter: 56 cm, Cord length: 1.8 m