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Get a comfy seat all to yourself

Armchairs are all about individual comfort. That’s why we have a lot to choose from – so you can sit comfortably and get the look you like, too. You’ll find everything from cosy chairs for conquering that crossword to recliners for your afternoon naps. And many of our fabric covers can be machine-washed or dry-cleaned, too.

IKEA Armchairs
AGEN chair, bamboo, rattan Width: 58 cm Depth: 56 cm Seat width: 43 cm
JD 49
Width: 58 cm, Depth: 56 cm, Seat width: 43 cm
STORSELE high-back armchair, rattan, black Width: 69 cm Depth: 78 cm Seat width: 45 cm
high-back armchair
JD 109
Width: 69 cm, Depth: 78 cm, Seat width: 45 cm
ARVIKA swivel armchair, Grann black Width: 84 cm Depth: 85 cm Seat width: 52 cm
swivel armchair
JD 579
Width: 84 cm, Depth: 85 cm, Seat width: 52 cm
BYHOLMA armchair, grey Width: 68 cm Depth: 72 cm Seat width: 49 cm
JD 95
Width: 68 cm, Depth: 72 cm, Seat width: 49 cm
EKERÖ armchair, Laglig Kimstad black Width: 70 cm Depth: 73 cm Seat width: 57 cm
JD 199
Width: 70 cm, Depth: 73 cm, Seat width: 57 cm
FINNTORP armchair, white Width: 71 cm Depth: 64 cm Seat height: 39 cm
JD 85
Width: 71 cm, Depth: 64 cm, Seat height: 39 cm
HOLMSEL armchair, black Width: 55 cm Depth: 52 cm Seat width: 44 cm
JD 55
Width: 55 cm, Depth: 52 cm, Seat width: 44 cm
HÄSTÖ headrest, assorted colours Length: 54 cm Width: 36 cm Thickness: 8 cm
JD 9
Length: 54 cm, Width: 36 cm, Thickness: 8 cm
RÅDVIKEN armchair, black, dark brown Width: 79 cm Depth: 73 cm Seat width: 79 cm
JD 189
Width: 79 cm, Depth: 73 cm, Seat width: 79 cm
MARIEBERG chair cushion, Laila natural Width: 50 cm Depth: 51 cm Thickness: 8 cm
chair cushion
JD 15
Width: 50 cm, Depth: 51 cm, Thickness: 8 cm
NORNA chair pad, Laila natural Width: 42 cm Depth: 41 cm Thickness: 3.5 cm
chair pad
JD 7.250
Width: 42 cm, Depth: 41 cm, Thickness: 3.5 cm
STOCKHOLM high-back armchair, Röstånga grey Width: 79 cm Depth: 83 cm Free height under furniture: 20 cm
high-back armchair
JD 349
Width: 79 cm, Depth: 83 cm, Free height under furniture: 20 cm Available in more options
IKEA PS 2014 corner easy chair, Risane natural Width right: 90 cm Width left: 90 cm Free height under furniture: 27 cm
IKEA PS 2014
corner easy chair
JD 250
Width right: 90 cm, Width left: 90 cm, Free height under furniture: 27 cm
PELLO armchair, Holmby natural Width: 67 cm Depth: 85 cm Seat width: 55 cm
JD 49
Width: 67 cm, Depth: 85 cm, Seat width: 55 cm
BUSSAN beanbag, in/outdoor, orange Length: 187 cm Width: 67 cm Min. height: 20 cm
beanbag, in/outdoor
JD 125
Length: 187 cm, Width: 67 cm, Min. height: 20 cm