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IKEA Kitchen utensils

Right tools, easier cooking

Peeling, mashing, pressing, grating … and that’s just potatoes. With all the things you do with food, having the right kitchen utensils for the different jobs makes life a lot easier. Especially when good quality comes at an affordable price.

When all you need is a spoon
A white pie dish with a rhubarb pie, shown together with a white stoneware jug and a wooden spoon. RÖRT Spoon JD 1.750 LÄMPLIG Chopping board JD 12.990 LÄMPLIG Chopping board JD 12.990 LÄMPLIG Chopping board JD 12.990   VARDAGEN Pie dish JD 6.500 VARDAGEN Pie dish JD 2.500
IDEALISK grater, stainless steel Length: 12 cm Width: 10 cm Height: 20 cm
JD 2.500
Length: 12 cm, Width: 10 cm, Height: 20 cm
IDEALISK potato press, stainless steel Length: 24.5 cm Diameter: 8 cm Height: 10 cm
potato press
JD 7.500
Length: 24.5 cm, Diameter: 8 cm, Height: 10 cm
PLASTIS ice cube tray, green/pink, turquoise Length: 18 cm Width: 18 cm Height: 2.5 cm
ice cube tray
JD 0.750
Length: 18 cm, Width: 18 cm, Height: 2.5 cm
SKALAD paring knife, grey Length: 18 cm Length of knife blade: 7 cm
paring knife
JD 1.500
Length: 18 cm, Length of knife blade: 7 cm
SPRITTA citrus squeezer, transparent, yellow stainless steel Length: 21 cm Width: 15 cm Height: 10 cm
citrus squeezer
JD 3.750
Length: 21 cm, Width: 15 cm, Height: 10 cm