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Baby changing units and nursing

A helping hand with nappy-changing

A changing table makes nappy changing less of a chore. Drawers and shelves allow you to keep all the necessary items within arm’s reach so you’re never tempted to leave your baby unattended. Plus, we design our baby changing units to be at a comfortable height, which also makes it easy to swoop in for some hard-to-resist baby nuzzling.

IKEA Baby changing units & nursing
GULLIVER changing table, birch Length: 82 cm Width: 54 cm Height: 93 cm
changing table
JD 85
Length: 82 cm, Width: 54 cm, Height: 93 cm
GULLIVER changing table, white Width: 82 cm Depth: 54 cm Height: 93 cm
changing table
JD 85
Width: 82 cm, Depth: 54 cm, Height: 93 cm
LILLA children's potty, green Length: 27 cm Width: 24 cm Height: 18 cm
children's potty
JD 2.900
Length: 27 cm, Width: 24 cm, Height: 18 cm
LOCKIG children's potty, green, green white Length: 36 cm Width: 27 cm Height: 28 cm
children's potty
JD 6.750
Length: 36 cm, Width: 27 cm, Height: 28 cm
LÄTTSAM baby bath, green, white Length: 71 cm Width: 43 cm Height: 20 cm
baby bath
JD 7.750
Length: 71 cm, Width: 43 cm, Height: 20 cm
SKÖTSAM babycare mat, white Length: 80 cm Width: 53 cm Height: 2 cm
babycare mat
JD 11
Length: 80 cm, Width: 53 cm, Height: 2 cm
SNIGLAR changing table, white, beech Length: 72 cm Width: 53 cm Height: 87 cm
changing table
JD 27
Length: 72 cm, Width: 53 cm, Height: 87 cm
SPRUTT storage unit, white Width: 32 cm Depth: 53 cm Height: 36 cm
storage unit
JD 21
Width: 32 cm, Depth: 53 cm, Height: 36 cm