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Work lamps & desk lamps

Brighten up your work day

Desk lamps can help you work more efficiently, productively and comfortably. Our work lighting comes in a range of styles to suit your work environment. Choose a lamp with a flexible arm and head to direct light exactly where you need it. You won’t strain your eyes or your posture, so you’ll be able to work better.

IKEA Work lamps & desk lamps
ANTIFONI work lamp, nickel-plated Max.: 6.3 W Height: 44 cm Shade diameter: 9 cm
work lamp
JD 39.990
Max.: 6.3 W, Height: 44 cm, Shade diameter: 9 cm
ARÖD work lamp, grey Max.: 60 W Height: 52.5 cm Shade diameter: 15 cm
work lamp
JD 49.990
Max.: 60 W, Height: 52.5 cm, Shade diameter: 15 cm
HEKTAR work lamp with wireless charging, dark grey Shade width: 16 cm Diameter: 18 cm Cord length: 1.9 m
work lamp with wireless charging
JD 79.990
Shade width: 16 cm, Diameter: 18 cm, Cord length: 1.9 m
HÅRTE LED work lamp, black, silver-colour Luminous flux: 100 lm Height: 32 cm Shade diameter: 12 mm
LED work lamp
JD 18.990
Luminous flux: 100 lm, Height: 32 cm, Shade diameter: 12 mm Available in more options
Sometimes our brightest ideas strike at 2AM
A black table lamp on a beige stool, used as a bedside table. Shown together with three grey round boxes, stacked on top of each other.   SOCKERÄRT Vase JD 7.990 KVARNVIK Box, set of 3 JD 16.990 TOPPIG Lantern for block candle JD 12.990
JANSJÖ LED work lamp, black Luminous flux: 88 lm Height: 60 cm Base diameter: 12 cm
LED work lamp
JD 19.990
Luminous flux: 88 lm, Height: 60 cm, Base diameter: 12 cm Available in more options
RANARP work lamp, black Max.: 11 W Height: 42 cm Shade diameter: 19 cm
work lamp
JD 44.990
Max.: 11 W, Height: 42 cm, Shade diameter: 19 cm
RANARP work lamp, off-white Max.: 11 W Height: 42 cm Shade diameter: 19 cm
work lamp
JD 44.990
Max.: 11 W, Height: 42 cm, Shade diameter: 19 cm
SVIRVEL work lamp, white Max.: 7 W Height: 45 cm Shade diameter: 17 cm
work lamp
JD 29.990
Max.: 7 W, Height: 45 cm, Shade diameter: 17 cm
TERTIAL work lamp, white Max.: 13 W Shade diameter: 17 cm Cord length: 1.5 m
work lamp
JD 14.990
Max.: 13 W, Shade diameter: 17 cm, Cord length: 1.5 m