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Cabinets & sideboards

For favourite collections or everyday essentials

Our sideboards and cabinets come in a choice of styles to help you find the look you want and match your other furniture. We have a lot of different types, so you can tidy everyday things away in drawers and cupboards or proudly show off your treasures on open shelves or in glass-door display cabinets.

ISALA cabinet, white Depth: 44 cm Height: 131 cm Width: 75 cm
JD 235
Depth: 44 cm, Height: 131 cm, Width: 75 cm
LIATORP console table, glass, white Length: 133 cm Height: 75 cm Width: 37 cm
console table
JD 165
Length: 133 cm, Height: 75 cm, Width: 37 cm
ORRBERG bench, black-brown Depth: 45 cm Height: 23 cm Width: 190 cm
JD 195
Depth: 45 cm, Height: 23 cm, Width: 190 cm
ARKELSTORP sideboard, black Depth: 46 cm Height: 133 cm Width: 93 cm
JD 345
Depth: 46 cm, Height: 133 cm, Width: 93 cm
DETOLF glass-door cabinet, white Depth: 37 cm Height: 163 cm Width: 43 cm
glass-door cabinet
JD 62
Depth: 37 cm, Height: 163 cm, Width: 43 cm
HEMNES storage combination, grey-brown Depth: 37 cm Height: 197 cm Width: 229 cm
storage combination
JD 825
Depth: 37 cm, Height: 197 cm, Width: 229 cm
IKEA PS 2014 corner cabinet, pink Depth without legs: 28 cm Depth with legs: 36 cm Height without legs: 80 cm
IKEA PS 2014
corner cabinet
JD 125
Depth without legs: 28 cm, Depth with legs: 36 cm, Height without legs: 80 cm Available in more options
LIATORP console table, glass, grey Length: 133 cm Height: 75 cm Width: 37 cm
console table
JD 165
Length: 133 cm, Height: 75 cm, Width: 37 cm
NORDEN sideboard, black Depth: 42 cm Height: 90 cm Width: 120 cm
JD 220
Depth: 42 cm, Height: 90 cm, Width: 120 cm
REGISSÖR cabinet, brown Depth: 38 cm Height: 110 cm Width: 118 cm
JD 225
Depth: 38 cm, Height: 110 cm, Width: 118 cm
REKARNE console table, pine Length: 130 cm Height: 75 cm Width: 38 cm
console table
JD 145
Length: 130 cm, Height: 75 cm, Width: 38 cm