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Back to school 2017

Study your way and be brilliant

Do you envision a desk and a chair when you think of a workspace for doing homework or studying? You’re not alone. Many of us still think that’s the best way to go, and so it is – for some. But the fact is that we all have different needs when we’re to concentrate on a new and difficult task. By creating workspaces that meet those unique needs, we don’t only increase the chance of greater results – we make it easier and more fun to focus. 

See your back to school essentials

See your off to uni essentials

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What does it take for you to concentrate?

To get a better idea of how IKEA can contribute, we asked Helle Fisker, teacher and Certified Learning Styles Trainer, to give us some pointers . She told us about the impact of light, seating and sound. She also told us about tactile learners, who need to use their hands while focusing (that annoying fiddling with the pen might be just right!) and about kinestethic learners, who need to be able to move around while focusing. In addition we learned that some of us actually need a nibble while focusing, and others must be allowed breaks in-between sessions. And of course the need for frequent breaks not to get super restless.

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A quick guide to better studies

Below are some of the aspects to consider when planning your study space.