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What does you christmas tree say about you?

01 November 2015

Who says your Christmas tree has to look a certain way?
Or even be a ‘tree’? We asked a couple of IKEA co-workers to tell us
a little bit about themselves, their hobbies and their passions.
We then created Christmas ‘trees’ to suit them. This is what
we came up with in the studio.

A medium-sized Christmas tree decorated with bird-themed ornaments and placed on a table against the wall. The grey wall behind is decorated with more bird themed items such as binoculars and bird boxes of various sizes.
A close up of an IKEA co-worker with feathers in her hair as she looks down at the floor laughing.

“I’ve loved birds since I was a kid. They’re so graceful. And I mean, come on, how cool is it to fly?”

Elsa Svensson, Project Leader (and bird lover)

We strengthened the bird-theme for Elsa’s tree by decorating the wall too. Binoculars, bird boxes and pictures play up the birdy style.

A close up of an owl face bauble hanging from a tree.
A close up of two material bird decorations sitting on the edge of a basket.
A close up of a mini bird box hanging from a Christmas tree.
A Christmas tree has been drawn on a blackboad paint wall. Black shelves and hanging rails have been arranged across the tree and decorated with baking books, cooking utensils and cookies and muffins.
A portrait image of IKEA co-worker Jamie Rynd in front of a black background.

“Bread is this amazing comfort food.
I love to bake it. Being from Australia, banana bread is pretty much a natural favourite. But I’m partial to muffins, cookies and other sweet things too.”

Jamie Rynd, Copywriter (and weekend baker)


Jamie’s tree has been created using blackboard paint and a mix of shelves, rails, hooks – even a magnetic knife strip – all in black so they blend in. We then drew details on the wall using chalk and added baking books and utensils.