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Stay close, even if you sleep in shifts

01 April 2015

This is for the people that get dressed in the dark and put clothes on back to front. That tip-toe into a dark bedroom and stub their toes on the bed legs. And Monday to Friday only manage to spend time together when sleeping. Don’t let different work schedules dictate your home life. Make your bedroom ‘me’ and ‘us’ friendly.  

It’s 5am. You have to get up for work. Your partner is still asleep. Do you:

A) Get dressed in the dark and feel your way through your wardrobe? 

B) Turn on the light and wake your partner?

Or C), do as we did and add a thick curtain around the outside of the bed, encasing it in darkness, and use LED lights in the wardrobe to light up your clothes (not the rest of the room)? 

Avoid makeup mishaps. Do your makeup with the lights on at an illuminated dresser while your partner sleeps on behind closed curtains.

It’s 10pm. You’ve just got home from work. You’re hungry and there aren’t any leftovers. Your bedroom is next to the kitchen and your partner is probably sleeping, ready for a 5am start tomorrow. Do you:

A) Order takeaway (again!)? 

B) Cook as quietly as possible and leave the washing up for tomorrow (again!)? 

Or C), do as we did and take out the glass from some RIBBA frames and fill them with foam wadding (that stuff inside an inexpensive quilt) to make your own DIY noise-reducer on the bedroom wall? 

(You can even use this wadding to create a thick curtain like the one at the window below. It’s an easy way to reduce noise from outside your home, too.) 

Double up your curtains at the window to block out daylight. You’ll even get a lie-in on sunny summer mornings. 

Not all vibrations are good vibrations. A charging station hanging from the side of the bed means you can sleep through your partner’s alarm.

It’s 11.30pm. You’re done with dinner and looking forward to reading another chapter of your new book in bed. Problem is, your partner is sound asleep. Do you:

A) Take a blanket and read in the living room (nowhere near as warm and cosy)? 

B) Get into bed, turn on the bedside lamp and force your partner to grumpily turn over? 

Or C) do as we did and add another curtain in between the two of you, running down the middle of the bed, and install angle point lamps on the wall to direct light away from a sleeping partner and onto a good book?

You and your partner should have no problems sleeping soundly now. So whispering sweet nothings to each other just won’t cut it anymore. Instead, write love notes and pin them on the newly sound-protected wall.