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Make way for a small kitchen diner

01 April 2017
Think your kitchen can't cope with a dining area? Put your walls and ceiling to work and you might have more floorspace than you thought.

In a small kitchen, every centimetre counts. Make use of all surfaces - walls, cabinet ends and even the ceiling - and find ways to turn empty space into useful space.

Close-up of IKEA pendant light and wall-hung open storage holding tableware.
Put your porcelain and glasses on display using a wall-hung storage unit. It helps to create a cosy dining corner and the sight of all your tableware will put you in the mood for a sit-down dinner.

Sitting on a good idea

Compared to chairs, a bench seats more people in less space but it’s good for another reason too - storage. Baskets underneath the bench help to free up space for the table.
Wall with graphic sticker of a tree. Photos and kids’ drawings stuck on the tree.

Room for the whole family!

We love the idea of having a family tree on the wall. We made this one using a wall sticker to match the paintwork. It's a fun way to celebrate your family and display some of your favourite photos and artwork.