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Inspiration for customising a bench with paint

20 April 2014
Why follow the crowd when you can go your own way? With little more than a can of paint, you can personalise a piece of furniture to suit your style and how you live. Here’s some inspiration for customising an untreated wooden bench from our NORNÄS collection.

Paint it bLACK

As a child you were probably told not to draw on the furniture. Blackboard paint means you can throw out the rule book and doodle away until your heart’s content. When you get bored, just wash it off and chalk it up with something new.

Treat it with coloured varnish

Let the wood’s unique lines, swirls and imperfections shine through. We’ve used coloured varnish instead of paint to help future proof the wood, whilst adding our own colouful twist.

Create patterns with tape

Masking tape makes painting straight lines easy. We taped up the bench in these geometric patterns and then painted the natural wood using pastel shades for a playful, modern look. Don’t worry, masking tape is easily peeled off once the paint has dried.