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How to display like a stylist

01 July 2016

Having all your favourite things out on show doesn’t have to make your home look cluttered – with some simple tricks from IKEA interior stylist Anton, you can create interesting displays that add personality to your home. ‘It’s not maximalism,’ says Anton, ‘but kind of… piling things on!’

Tips and tricks for creating personal displays at home
Create 3D displays with layering

Give displays multiple dimensions – try placing knick-knacks and postcards in front of frames. ‘I tend to throw things together,’ says Anton. ‘I use my instincts! Putting stuff together is actually about emotions. If you deliberate too much about how something will look, it’s never going to touch you.’

Choose a bright cabinet to draw attention to your favourite collections

Dedicate a cabinet to your collections for maximum impact. ‘I tried decluttering once,’ says Anton. ‘But as I started to put things away, I’d find something else to go with it, and before I knew it, I had more things than before! I like shopping in markets and side streets – there’s always something interesting to find there.’

Style every surface

Every surface deserves styling – even coffee tables. ‘My mother tends to collect things, too. When I visit my parents, I notice there’s no surface untouched; then, when I come home, I realise that I do exactly the same thing! I’m always layering things on top of each other, playing with the way things fit together.’

Display colourful towels or textiles in a glass-fronted cabinet

Even things that weren’t bought to be shown off can be creatively displayed. ‘It’s the small things, little details, that make the difference. At home, I always want something nice to look at, wherever I turn.’ Try storing colourful fabrics, towels or clothing in a glass-fronted cabinet – and top it off with an ornament or two!

Choose a theme then mix up shapes and sizes

‘Different things can pull a display together. Sometimes it’s colour, sometimes it’s shape. Or it could be a theme, like kitsch.’ Or bird statues! ‘Usually, I start with one or two pieces, and add whatever complements them, mixing in different shapes and sizes.’

Keep on updating your displays

Set up humorous scenes with your statues – they’ll provide endless talking points when friends come round, and a little entertainment for you! ‘I don’t want to get bored, so I’m constantly updating the collections, keeping them moving.’

A portrait of Anton

‘I’m a magpie – always going around, finding stuff
and bringing it back to my nest!’

Anton, IKEA interior designer, Seoul

Made by

Photography: Lina Ikse
Styling: Ashlyn Gibson