Celebrate at the flick of a switch

20 October 2016

When we entertain, we often put so much love and care into crafting the food and drinks for our guests. But what about the atmosphere? Careful lighting choices can transform a dining room into a stylish entertaining space, creating the perfect mood for celebrating.

“Try dimmed lighting and a retro-style glow from open light bulbs to create a stylish mood in the dining room. In this room, style and function can work in perfect harmony.”
Marie Tenglund, Stylist

Hanging three BRUNSTA light shades with NITTIO light bulbs adds a vintage edge to your dining room. The lights offer a soft inviting glow both from the inside and outside.

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Change the mood instantly with this 7-colour flexible strip lighting, perfect for use in confined spaces, such as cabinets, bookshelves and closets, especially as the LED light source emits low heat.

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The OMLOPP cabinet lights can beautifully illuminate your most prized possessions. An elegant glow through the glass shelves in the dining cabinet puts all your decorative items in the spotlight.