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3 inspiration boards to show off you

01 February 2016

Our homes are just that, ours. Show off your memories, inspirations, dreams and maybe a to-do or two with an inspiration board. It doesn’t have to be permanent, fancy or even on a wall. Here are three ways to create an inspiration board that makes where you live show why you live!

Close-up of a black-and-white inspiration board art wall with removable tape
A wall made into an inspiration board using removable tape

1. SCARED OF MISTAKES OR HOLES? With removable tape, you don’t have to be. Make an anywhere art gallery of your favourite things. Place the biggest art first and build out leaving gaps or creating a bit of overlap.

An inspiration board made of plywood leaning against a wall
An inspiration board made of plywood leaning against a wall

2. HANG WHATEVER, WHEREVER with a piece of plywood or even an old door. You’re free to drill, nail, paint and do what you want. How about a lamp or some shelves? You can move around the wall-of-you, too.

A DIY metal wire inspiration board hanging by leather straps on a wall

3. SHOW OFF YOUR DIY MOVES by spray painting a trellis and turning it into a hanging inspiration board. Use what you already have at home like clips and hooks as hangers. It’ll put your inspirations in the spotlight.

Made by

Photographer: Henrik Palmberg
Interior designer: Geneviève Jorn
Digital designer: Cecilia Englund
Copy writer: Marissa Frayer
Editor: Linda Harkell