IKEA Catalogue

What is the IKEA catalogue?

The IKEA catalogue is produced in 30 languages and more than 210 million copies and delivered to homes in 44 countries. The catalogue offers more than just a glimpse at the diverse IKEA product range. You'll discover new affordable solutions and creative approaches to help inspire home furnishing ideas for better living. For the best possible ideas and inspiration the online catalogue comes with augmented reality

How can I get a copy of the IKEA catalogue?

The IKEA catalogue is mass-distributed annually in the area around each IKEA store. If you did not receive this year's catalogue, stop by the IKEA store near you for a free copy. Alternatively, you can view the whole catalogue online Download our latest catalogue, or view it on the IKEA catalogue app for your smart phone available from your app store. Unfortunately we are unable to post copies.

When does the new catalogue come out?

The annual catalogue is distributed in August/September of each year and is valid for a full year. Prices are guaranteed not to increase while the catalogue is valid. In it you can discover our furnishings, accessories and room settings along with detailed information on materials, colours, sizes, product care, prices and additional content accessible through your smartphone or tablet. That way you can plan your next visit to IKEA all from the comfort of your own home!

How environmentally friendly is the IKEA catalogue?

Our catalogues are printed on totally chlorine-free paper and contain at least 10-15% post-consumer waste. No rainforest or old-growth fibres are used. The pre-press process is 100% digital, which means no film is used and none of the associated chemicals. No optical brighteners are used on the paper.