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Childrens Wooden Toys

Traditional toys

With so much technology around us - television, tablets, video games - it's good to let your little ones have a rest from so many screens and have fun the old fashioned way. Explore our range of beautifully crafted wooden toys for the perfect gift this Christmas.

Our LILLABO range is perfect for kids who like things that go. Build a spectacular railway with our wooden trains and tracks. Or take a look at our toy cars, with removable parts so your children can create their own customised ride. The perfect accessories for our LILLABO play mat.

MULA abacus Depth: 23 cm Height: 31 cm Width: 35 cm
€ 12.00
Depth: 23 cm, Height: 31 cm, Width: 35 cm
MULA bead roller coaster Length: 31 cm Height: 28 cm Width: 25 cm
bead roller coaster
€ 10.00
Length: 31 cm, Height: 28 cm, Width: 25 cm
MULA crane with blocks, beech, multicolour Length: 28 cm Height: 11 cm Width: 15 cm
crane with blocks
€ 13.00
Length: 28 cm, Height: 11 cm, Width: 15 cm
MULA toy hammering block, multicolour Length: 24 cm Height: 14 cm Width: 10 cm
toy hammering block
€ 8.00
Length: 24 cm, Height: 14 cm, Width: 10 cm