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The price of this electrical item includes a Producer Recycling Fund contribution. This ensures that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
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desk accessories

Storage nets to catch your clutter

With the metal mesh DOKUMENT workspace series, you can be sure that every pen and paper is in place. And when you can find everything and your space is neat, getting to work will feel a bit easier.
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BEKANT screen for desk, grey Width: 83 cm Height: 55 cm Thickness: 2.5 cm
screen for desk
€ 50.00
Width: 83 cm, Height: 55 cm, Thickness: 2.5 cm
KVISSLE cable management box, white, cork Width: 33 cm Depth: 12 cm Height: 12 cm
cable management box
€ 11.00
Width: 33 cm, Depth: 12 cm, Height: 12 cm
KVISSLE desk organiser, white Width: 35 cm Depth: 10 cm Height: 10 cm
desk organiser
€ 9.00
Width: 35 cm, Depth: 10 cm, Height: 10 cm
KVISSLE letter tray, white Width: 32 cm Depth: 25 cm Height: 32 cm
letter tray
€ 22.00
Width: 32 cm, Depth: 25 cm, Height: 32 cm
RISSLA desk organiser, black Width: 32 cm Depth: 16 cm Height: 23 cm
desk organiser
€ 12.00
Width: 32 cm, Depth: 16 cm, Height: 23 cm