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Bring the indoors out

Make the most of the outdoors this summer with a garden gazebo. Host the perfect summer party for friends, or create a calming garden retreat. Or why not add a new room to your home.
Our KARLSÖ gazebo blocks at least 97% of ultraviolet radiation and helps you have privacy thanks to the curtains, so not only good for unexpected rain showers!

Complete your new outdoor retreat with an outdoor dining set and outdoor lighting.

ÄPPLARÖ gazebo, beige white, brown Length: 300 cm Width: 300 cm Height: 275 cm
€ 290.00
Length: 300 cm, Width: 300 cm, Height: 275 cm
AMMERÖ gazebo, beige, dark brown Width: 300 cm Height: 260 cm / 260 cm
€ 175.00
Width: 300 cm, Height: 260 cm / 260 cm
LOTSUDDEN gazebo, green Width: 250 cm Depth: 250 cm Height: 247 cm
€ 19.00
Width: 250 cm, Depth: 250 cm, Height: 247 cm
SOLIG net, white Diameter: 150 cm Height: 300 cm
€ 17.00
Diameter: 150 cm, Height: 300 cm
LAPPÖN net for gazebo, white Min. length: 295 cm Max. length: 355 cm Width: 295 cm / 295 cm
net for gazebo
€ 40.00
Min. length: 295 cm, Max. length: 355 cm, Width: 295 cm / 295 cm