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Bring beach bliss to your garden

You don’t need to holiday in the Maldives to bronze on a sun lounger or sway in a hammock with the sea breeze in your hair. Bring the tropics to your back garden with our range of sun loungers and hammocks. Whether you’re going for bronze or losing yourself in a romantic novel in the shade, a sun lounger or hammock is just the thing. Choose from our bright and lightweight HÅMÖ loungers, a range of deck chairs and hammocks, or our weather-resistant FALSTER lounger.

Then customise your comfort with our range of sun lounger cushions.

And there’s no such thing as too much sunscreen. But in case you’ve missed a spot, all of our parasols and gazebos come with UV protection.

ÄPPLARÖ sun lounger, brown Length: 199 cm Height: 33 cm Width: 71 cm
sun lounger
€ 120.00
Length: 199 cm, Height: 33 cm, Width: 71 cm
VÄSMAN deck chair, black Depth: 110 cm Seat width: 50 cm Seat depth: 50 cm
deck chair
€ 45.00
Depth: 110 cm, Seat width: 50 cm, Seat depth: 50 cm
ENHOLMEN sun lounger, light grey Length: 192 cm Height: 25 cm Width: 61 cm
sun lounger
€ 90.00
Length: 192 cm, Height: 25 cm, Width: 61 cm
FALSTER sun lounger, brown, black Length: 200 cm Height: 33 cm Width: 60 cm
sun lounger
€ 160.00
Length: 200 cm, Height: 33 cm, Width: 60 cm More options
MUSKÖ cover for sun lounger, green Length: 200 cm Height: 40 cm Width: 60 cm
cover for sun lounger
€ 10.00
Length: 200 cm, Height: 40 cm, Width: 60 cm
SUNDERÖ lounger, grey Depth: 122 cm Seat width: 55 cm Seat depth: 44 cm
€ 140.00
Depth: 122 cm, Seat width: 55 cm, Seat depth: 44 cm
GÅRÖ hammock stand, grey Length: 301 cm Height: 129 cm Width: 119 cm
hammock stand
€ 70.00
Length: 301 cm, Height: 129 cm, Width: 119 cm
RISÖ hammock, blue, red Length: 265 cm Width: 150 cm Max. load: 120 kg
€ 30.00
Length: 265 cm, Width: 150 cm, Max. load: 120 kg
IKEA PS SVINGA children's hanging seat, white Rope length: 3 m Seat width: 74 cm Seat depth: 39 cm
children's hanging seat
€ 65.00
Rope length: 3 m, Seat width: 74 cm, Seat depth: 39 cm
HÅMÖ beach chair, blue, red Depth: 65 cm Seat height: 30 cm Height: 63 cm
beach chair
€ 12.00
Depth: 65 cm, Seat height: 30 cm, Height: 63 cm
HÅMÖ reclining chair, blue, red Depth: 66 cm Seat width: 45 cm Seat depth: 47 cm
reclining chair
€ 18.00
Depth: 66 cm, Seat width: 45 cm, Seat depth: 47 cm
HÅMÖ sun lounger, blue, red Length: 199 cm Height: 28 cm Width: 59 cm
sun lounger
€ 30.00
Length: 199 cm, Height: 28 cm, Width: 59 cm
SVINGA hanging seat, brown Rope length: 300 cm Seat width: 90 cm Seat depth: 55 cm
hanging seat
€ 130.00
Rope length: 300 cm, Seat width: 90 cm, Seat depth: 55 cm
MYSINGSÖ beach chair, blue, red Depth: 99 cm Height: 80 cm Width: 53 cm
beach chair
€ 25.00
Depth: 99 cm, Height: 80 cm, Width: 53 cm