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KARLSTAD series fabric

Comfort and change-your-mind covers

KARLSTAD has style and comfort in every detail. The seat cushions, for example, contain high resilience foam. They give great support and keep their shape over time. KARLSTAD is flexible – many combinations are possible, like adding the chaise longue to an armchair or a sofa. You can mix and match the different covers for the look you like and get new ones when you want a change. They’re machine-washable or dry-cleanable, in case you get so comfortable you spill some snacks.

KARLSTAD corner sofa 2+3/3+2, Blekinge white Depth: 93 cm Width right: 282 cm Width left: 241 cm
corner sofa 2+3/3+2
€ 780.00
Depth: 93 cm, Width right: 282 cm, Width left: 241 cm More options
KARLSTAD 2 chaise longues and armchair, Blekinge white Width: 246 cm Min. depth: 93 cm Max. depth: 158 cm
2 chaise longues and armchair
€ 785.00
Width: 246 cm, Min. depth: 93 cm, Max. depth: 158 cm
KARLSTAD armchair, Blekinge white Width: 91 cm Depth: 93 cm Height: 80 cm
€ 235.00
Width: 91 cm, Depth: 93 cm, Height: 80 cm More options
KARLSTAD footstool, Sivik dark grey Length: 80 cm Width: 63 cm Height: 46 cm
€ 125.00
Length: 80 cm, Width: 63 cm, Height: 46 cm More options
KARLSTAD cushion, orange, Husie beige Length: 40 cm Width: 65 cm Filling weight: 1100 g
€ 20.00
Length: 40 cm, Width: 65 cm, Filling weight: 1100 g