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The price of this electrical item includes a Producer Recycling Fund contribution. This ensures that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
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EKTORP series

Make yourself comfortable. For years.

Your EKTORP will give you years of taking it easy. It’s quality seating with smart details for long lasting comfort. Take the back cushions, for example. They’re designed so you can flip them to even out wear. The covers are machine-washable or dry-cleanable, in case a TV dinner goes wrong. They’re easy to match, so you can mix different colours and patterns. Now, you might be thinking that you’ll get tired of your EKTORP long before it wears out. Luckily, there’s a big choice of covers you can get for a new look.

EKTORP armchair, Isefall black Width: 104 cm Depth: 88 cm Height: 88 cm
€ 395.00
Width: 104 cm, Depth: 88 cm, Height: 88 cm More options
MUREN armchair, Idemo black Width: 85 cm Depth: 94 cm Height: 97 cm
€ 355.00
Width: 85 cm, Depth: 94 cm, Height: 97 cm More options
EKTORP corner sofa 2+2, Hovby white/black Min. width: 243 cm Max. width: 243 cm Depth: 88 cm
corner sofa 2+2
€ 1,160.00
Min. width: 243 cm, Max. width: 243 cm, Depth: 88 cm More options
EKTORP footstool, Idemo red Width: 82 cm Depth: 62 cm Seat height: 44 cm
€ 115.00
Width: 82 cm, Depth: 62 cm, Seat height: 44 cm More options