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Sheepskin and Cow hide rugs

Statement piece

Cow hide rugs are more than just a statement piece. They retain their natural appearance and quality over a long time so a worthy investment. Natural marks, colour and size variations are inherent characteristics of the leather and make each cowhide unique.

TEJN faux sheepskin, white Length: 100 cm Width: 60 cm Surface density: 904 g/m²
faux sheepskin
€ 12.00
Length: 100 cm, Width: 60 cm, Surface density: 904 g/m²
KORNUM cow hide, assorted colours Length: 240 cm Width: 170 cm Area: 4.08 m²
cow hide
€ 250.00
Length: 240 cm, Width: 170 cm, Area: 4.08 m²